DDA Freehold Conversion

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Freehold Conversion is a legitimate strategy for moving the responsibility for undaunted property from legislative power to a person. A Conveyance Deed is given as a last report to the new proprietor of the property. For the change of an unflinching property from the leasehold to freehold, one have to apply to the concerned expert in the endorsed design.

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For the change of a relentless property into freehold, one will require photocopies of various archives relying on the power (DDA) and sort of property (private, business).

Reports Required for the Conversion

Photocopies of reports required for transformation are:

Letter of distribution or designation

Letter of Possession and Possession slip

Interminable Lease Deed

Confirmation of Possession like power bill or water bill

Bank challans with respect to the installment of portion, lease, administration charges and so on.


A properly filled application structure alongside the first reports, for example, reimbursement bond, sworn statement, and undertaking on Non-Judicial stamp paper will be required for freehold transformation.

Other than these reports, a relevant transformation accuses along of essential stamp obligation must be paid for change.

Freehold Conversion in DDA

Enrollment of Conveyance Deed is required for the change of a leasehold property in freehold.

An obligation of 6% if there should arise an occurrence of men and 4% in the event of ladies is required to be paid through the Collector of Stamps on the thought sum gave in the transport deed, for the transformation of property into freehold.

Installment of authentic change charges to the concerned specialists, i.e., Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

A charge of Rs 100 must be stored through Bank Pay request during enlistment. An enlistment expense is the 1% of the all out estimation of transport deed.

The expression „leasehold“ and „freehold“ speak to two unique manners by which an unflinching property can be possessed. While purchasing land/property, individuals generally get befuddled and may take an inappropriate buying choice without appropriate comprehension of these two terms.

Freehold awards total right of responsibility for property and the land on which it is set up to the purchaser, while leasehold just awards the option to live in a property to the inhabitant. The responsibility for property will be allowed consistently to the proprietor in freehold, anyway a purchaser/inhabitant will be given transitory belonging over the property in leasehold.

The estimation of the property increments by 15-20% after the change from leasehold to freehold.

Any person, who is the first proprietor/allotter of the property and whose name has been enlisted in the DDA or L&DO’s records, can apply for the change. On the off chance that there is more than one resident, at that point every one of them are required to sign the application for freehold change.

The DDA was built up in 1957 and directs the regions shaped and grew from that point. In any case, there are some old states that are heavily influenced by Old Scheme Branch of DDA, which incorporates Karol Bagh and Daryaganj. Then again, the purview of Land and Development Office (L&DO) stretches out to whole New Delhi and focal Delhi that were existed and created during or before the hour of parcel of India. It was built up for giving home to the displaced people came to India from Pakistan. The zones secured under L&DO incorporates Tilak Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Jangpura, Lajpat Nagar, Patel Nagar, Ramesh Nagar and so forth.